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The following list contains that cadets, that are currently attending or have graduated from one of the US Military Academies (Air Force, Army, or Navy). This list includes all known current and former cadets over the squadron's history.

We are aware that this list is incomplete. If you know of someone who should be added to this list, please e-mail the unit.

Name School Year Graduated/Will Graduate
Michael E. Ryan Air Force Academy 1965
John Ryan, Jr. Air Force Academy 1965
Thomas Ike Sweesy Air Force Academy 1970
Daniel Adams Air Force Academy 1971
Victor L. Zirilli Air Force Academy 1977
Lorenzo Ortega III Air Force Academy 1978
Daniel Adams Air Force Academy 1980
James Gigrich West Point 1982
Aaron Sands Air Force Academy 2005
Anna Matveeva Air Force Academy 2005
Diana L. McVay Air Force Academy 2010
Pat Wier Naval Academy 2010
Mandy R. Mueller Air Force Academy 2013
Tony Zilli Air Force Academy 2014
RK Barker West Point 2016
Asher E. Cutler Air Force Academy 2017
Simone A. Duryea Air Force Academy 2018
Emily E. Schmidt West Point 2019
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This page last updated on 24 October 2015